This report will feature the skycaddie sgx review which will showcase a full description, features & specifications to enable you to make an informed & educational decision as to whether or not this specific device will suit your needs.

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Skycaddie SGX ReviewSkycaddie SGX

The Skycaddie SGX is known in the industry to be a technological breakthrough when it comes to GPS golf tools.

I was a little intimidated when I first purchased the sgx skycaddie, but I am the first person to return something that I am either not happy with, or technologically beyond my learning capacity.

I am not technical savvy, by any means, and don’t dwell over all the extra bells & whistles added to many technological devices such as computers, cell phones, headsets, bluetooth, etc.  But I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the skycaddie sgx — and figured I’d purchase it, and just return it if it wasn’t to my liking.

Plus, when it comes to shaving strokes off my golf score, I need all the help I can get.

I was a little confused at first playing with it at home and reading the manual.  However, I am one to learn by hands on training.  Plus, I can never read more than a few pages of any manual without throwing it in the garbage.

I needed to get on the golf course to experience this unit’s full potential.

My Golf Course Experience

SGX Skycaddie

My debut experience with my new toy occurred for me at one of my favorite clubs to play at, which is Quaker Ridge in Scarsdale, N.Y.

I was astonished by a multitude of functions & features that sgx skycaddie provided me.  Besides the usual yardage measurements that it provides, it was really cool when I was on a par 4 on the front 9 behind a tree, and without any clear sign of the green — I knew exactly how many yards I needed to hit the ball to make it over a front-side sand-trap.

The skycaddie sgx hole-view aerial image featuring zoom &  full color gave me the ability to avoid any and all creeks, water streams, sand-traps, out-of-bounds, dog-legs, and other hazards that may have cost me some strokes.

What I immediately noticed about the skycaddie sgx was its enhanced transflective LCD screen, thus making it equally readable in both bright sunlight and low-light situations.

What I found most fascinating about the sgx is its ability to act like a real caddy.  In actuality, it is better than a real caddy, due to the fact it immediately knows the answer.  You don’t  have to run up to see where bunkers are located.  You don’t have to guess where the hole is located on a green.  It takes the guessing work out, saves you time, strokes, and maybe even money.

In the past, I have played with other GPS golf devices and noticed a flickering & inconsistent readings of their yardage.

I have now used sgx skycaddie three times at two different courses and it has remained steady and undeterred upon reading all the different aspects of GPS golf.  Tee to green, ball to green, ball to front bunker, etc.

SkyCaddie SGX ReviewSummary

The skycaddie sgx user-friendly interactive graphics, unmatched distance accuracy, and speed in which it allows me to play golf makes it my prime choice in GPS devices for when I am on the course.